Monday, November 12, 2012


SIX YEARS AGO, I started out booking shows due to boredom of living in Santa Cruz and getting skipped over by touring bands who would only play in SF and LA when they tour California. Growing up and cutting my teeth in the South Bay hardcore/punk scene made me realize that our community needs these touring bands due to lack of consistent promoters and venues. The 418 Project allowed me to book shows and build a scene, but it was my college education from SJSU that made me focus my booking knowledge and business education into my own production company, BANE SHOWS. Due to lack of jobs after college I refuse to move in with my parents and forge my own destiny by giving myself a job and a mission to bring the some of the biggest, diverse, and abrasive bands to our scene and show the world the true Bay Area music scene is in the South Bay. I applied my education and DIY ethics to a little hole in the wall called PIONEER. 105 Pioneer Street was more of an experiment then a DIY venue. I brought the biggest and most diverse bands to the little blue room. Pioneer was ground zero in growing our scene by showing our numbers. The experience was mind blowing. We had consistent Sold Out shows and everyone treated the shows as a family gathering then some show. Sooner or later I had to progress to larger venues and working with the legendary CATALYST has been amazing! It seems like everything I have done over the years has lead up to this past week. Title Fight and Ceremony was some of the largest crowds I ever seen at shows with new kids and kids who have been with us since day one. I cannot thank you all for the best years of my life and supporting BANE SHOWS. Thank you to anyone who has helped out at any of our shows and or just spreading the word. Once again, I could not have gone this far with out every single person who has paid or played at my shows. Your loyalty has not gone unnoticed. HERE IS TO ANOTHER SIX MORE YEARS!!!!! 

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