Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bands we worked with since 2007

Abhorrance, Across Five Aprils, All Teeth, Among the Living, At Our Heels, The Banner, Barricade, Barriers Now Bridges, Baths, Bela Kiss, xBishopx, Black Rainbow, Bleeding Kansas, Blues, The Blue Letter, Brain Drill, Braveyoung, Brown Irish, Circles, Classics of Love, Comadre, Crushed on You, Daggermouth, Dangers, Day One Symphony, Decrepit Birth, Defiance Ohio, Depth Charge Revolt, Descendage, Dichotomy, Die! Die! Die!, Divider, Dukes Up, Electric Leaves, Fat Boy, Fell Voices, Final Fight, Finest Dearest, Fischer, Force of Change, The Fucking Wrath, Gather, Genghis Tron, Ghostlimb, Giraffes? Giraffes!, The Globes, Godstomper, Good Neighbor Policy, Hard Girls, Hour of the Wolf, Judas, Junius, Keeping Distance, Kingdom, Lock Step, The Lost Boys, Love Hope and Fear, Magic Bullets, Mammatus, Maps & Atlases, Me and Him Call it Us, Memoryhouse, Mikoto, Miscreant, Mohoram Atta, Moloch, Mountain Animal Hospital, The New Trust, No Truce, Odious Mortem, Peter Young, Phantom Communiqué, Picture Atlantic, The Pilots Wife, Pressvre, Pulling Teeth, Punch, Right On, xRisenx, Roundhouse Kick, San Narcisco, Saviours, Scryer, See You Next Tuesday, Send Your Regrets, Set it Straight, Seven Generations, Sheena, Shotgun Facelift, Skin Like Iron, Spell it Out, Take Warning, Tears of Gaia, Tether Horse, The Terri Schiavo Project, Thou, Thriller, Tigon, Time for Change, To the Bridge, Touche Amore, Trash Talk, Tubers, Wolves & Theives, Writing a New Life, Yip-Yip, Young Livers,

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