Thursday, January 6, 2011


Friday March 25, 2011
Experimental Folk from New York's O'death. After a two year hiatus, O'death will be touring this spring 2011 around SXSW in support of their upcoming release on Mexican Summer records. 
Blackbird Raum formed out of the nucleus of a squatter community living in abandoned buildings and greenbelt treehouses in Santa Cruz, CA, in the early 2000's. Finding themselves living without electricity, they began to learn to play folk instruments from each other and other members of the traveling punk/folk culture. They all grew up playing in anarcho-punk, indie and ska bands and then, knowing next to nothing about traditional music, slowly gathered together the skills to create a new genre of music, based somewhere right in the middle of punk and folk. 

Helado Negro is the latin psych-folk project of multi-faceted artist Roberto C. Lange. You may know Roberto's beautiful music well without even actualizing it! He is the current production-partner to Guillermo Scott Herren in both Prefuse 73 as well as the highly touted Savath & Savalas.
These Santa Cruz troubadours bring an old tradition to contemporary indie-folk. Melodic and passionate, Tether Horse is a force to be reckoned with. Check out there new album on Entheon Records.
418 Front st.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Show: 8:00
Doors: 7:30
Advance tickets at InTicketing

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